Standard Header Bars

Amico’s Header Bars are oxygen cleaned to include brass shut-off valves for high/low and liquid pressure gases. Configurations include Staggered, Straight, L-Shaped, U-Shaped and Vertical Cross [...]

High Pressure Copper Pigtails

The Amico copper pigtails shall have a 5/16″ x 0.065″ wall thickness, copper tube. The Amico copper pigtails shall come with a check valve equipped to one of the ends. Descargar Spec Sheets

Coil Guard Pigtails

The Amico stainless steel pigtails shall have a core which consists of teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) with two outer reinforcing jackets of stainless steel braid. The braid will incorporate a [...]

Economy Manifold

The Amico Economy Manifold incorporates the basic necessities for distribution and monitoring of gas throughout a facility. The Manifold is semi-automatic and shall switch from “In Use” bank to [...]

Dome Loaded Manifold Nema-4 NFPA

The Amico Dome Loaded Manifold with Nema-4 cabinet has been designed to provide reliable and fully automatic uninterrupted gas flow regardless of the size of your facility. With the best flow [...]